Sunday, February 27, 2011


This has been the scene for the last 12 days.
Friday, the medicine kicked in and he was on the mend.
Thank heavens.  it's been a looooooooong two weeks.

Sabbath (n.) sab-uh th
- meaning Sunday, first day of the week; time of worship and day of rest.

Showers.  Pancakes.  Sunday school.  Church.  Leftover chinese.

Newest addition.
Eight months old.
Sweet as pie.
Cute as a button.
Walker coonhound.

Time to train the hound.

Daisy likes chickens a little too much.
And our girls are curious birds.
Bad combination.

These.  I love.

Seventy degrees.  Kids playing outside.
The old maple.  Creek.  Bikes.  Sandbox.
~ A perfect Sunday ~