Monday, April 4, 2011


Tonight I'm Restless.
with a capital R.
Thinking Illinois.
Wishing I was on that trip too.
I admit being a tad envious.

Moving on.  Funny, L and I were at soccer practice cacklin' like a bunch of hens with a couple other soccer moms.  All the while making plans for some serious camping and I couldn't be more excited!  I don't do winter well with all the staying indoors and bad weather, freezing conditions, etc.  Although, I do love snuggling up with a good book and a cuppa hot cinnamon plum tea or hot chocolate, or working on sewing projects.  I have been dying for it to warm up so we can go camping.  I live to be in the tent staring into the hot, starry summer night.  Cooking foil packets and kabobs over the fire.  Roasting marshmallows.  Teaching K how to read scary stories with that chilling voice.  There's nothing like roughin' it!  As long as it's warm.  Oh, it makes me edgy just thinking about it.

Moving on...again, before I start making camp-friendly dinner menus and packing the car.

K's first soccer game was this past weekend and I couldn't have been more excited.  Except it was freezing.  Even C complained that he was cold and that's a rarity.  The wind blew so hard and defiant, and to make it worse, the sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds and light sprinkles began as we head to the next sporting event.  Besides those opposing elements, it was a good Saturday.  We won 5 - 2 and it was a fierce game.

The man and his E.
He loves her so.
He prefers older women.

Today, she wasn't at practice.
He complained the ENTIRE time.
God help me.
They are the best of friends.
And she loves to wrestle him.
And he loves that she's not always a girly girl.

Strategy and
the pre-game pep talk.
Love the black smudge.
So tough.

Love the tongue.
Love the determination.
And the fancy goalkeeper jersey.
She's resilient.

This is one, among many with quick feet.
She's a scrapper.
And a slim, yet tall one,
who can eat you out of house and home in hours.
Have to root for her.

While waiting for subs,
you should always maintain super-cuteness.
It's necessary.
While her mama still gives her a hard time,
because it's her job afterall,
she's coming along and making great strides this season.

Also a cutie.
Superfast too.
With a serious boot to boot.
Also claims a younger sister on the team
who's following in her footsteps.

Love the bench.
What great teammates.

Another goal!

Yet another scrapper with quick feet.
And an unwavering spirit for triumph and victory.