Tuesday, September 18, 2012

cold weather company

Unlike those of you suffering with rain and tornado warnings on the East coast, we (some of us, not necessarily myself) are living it up here in the Midwest.  Our high today was a whopping 65 degrees with a steady breeze and lots of sunshine!  (The forecast for tonight threatens to freeze us to death, literally, with 39 being the low!)  I sported a charcoal long john shirt, jeans and tennis shoes today and found it to be acceptable.  While I was out, I picked up a couple pair of jeans for the man and will grab more Fall clothing when we return home for a short but, much needed visit.

In celebration of the cool weather, we're joining forces with our friends, the W's and collaborating on chili, cornbread and homemade applesauce + dessert!  Yum!  It's always good times when we're together and we enjoy them immensely!  Our love for them grows deep and wide with every day that passes.  They're like home away from home and I love to be in their company!  Getting ten kids together ~ yes, I said 10.  Read that line again ~ and four adults is always a party with lots of fun to be had. 

My favorites...hiding high up in the tree with them when we play hide and seek.  that I'm chosen to be "it" every other time.  the talks that little Miss L and I have and the way she tells me not to leave yet because she "likes to talk" she says.  the way she tells me I'm more like an aunt to her than a friend.  when we're behind them in the pickup line at school and the "+3 group" wave at us through the back windshield, oh, say at least three times within 2 blocks.  the way they fight over Miss K, all of them.  the way they scream, "It's the...(insert our last name)!" whenever we see them out and about.

God has shown mercy on us, just knowing their family and I truly am grateful.  My heart aches with joy to be near them, I'll say it again and again.  I look forward to the many meals and good times we'll share with them.