Thursday, September 13, 2012

ramblings and such

This week, I've been content.  Maybe it was the migraine that brought me to a jolting halt on Monday night and Tuesday.  Maybe it was making my motive God's glory.  Maybe it was just The Big Man Upstairs sayin' slow down, take a break, let it all seep into the cracks and crevices of your heart and soul, chew on it.  Maybe it was Uncle J getting good reports from his doctors and getting closer to a diagnosis.  Perhaps it was a lovely combination.  In any case, it's been a pleasant week and I am oh-so thankful.

Retail therapy's always good for the soul.  And since I haven't ventured out to do any real shopping and have only one long sleeve shirt that I've been wearin' the heck out of lately, it was time.  Totally.  So, one of my new bestest good friends and I went shopping.  Thrift store style.  We spent an enjoyable, lengthy time browsing and sorting through clothes.  In the end, I came out with a few great pieces for the kids and myself.  Oh let's face it, I got the most.  Miss K is of the age now that she must do her own shopping.  It's just that way.  My criteria:  I have to love it.  Haveto.  That's it.

With that being said, there's a few things that still bother me...

See this? 

It's the official lunch survey. I throw one in Miss K's lunchbox once a month or every other week or so. I color it a bit so it doesn't look so blah and she and her friends fill it out and they think I'm all hipster mom and stuff. {smile}  But then, today there's this...
If Mr.T (not of the A-Team) were to see this, I do believe his soul would be dampened, disheartened even.  Shoot y'all, if he weren't of the living, breathing type, I do believe he'd roll smack over in his grave.  Ya see, this was Miss K's favorite subject last year and it was due to the efforts of one Mr. T.  He was fantastic at teaching reading and writing.  He challenged these kids and drove them to new heights.  Now, I feel like Tanya Harding came by and whacked us both with a crow bar.  Honest y'all. 
I tell you, I'm not pleased with this school, with its staff.  As "the new kid", Miss K's taken quite a few undeserved punches and I really feel stepped on at this point.  If I wasn't a Jesus freak, I'd stomp right in there and act like a, well, you know....a, a, not so nice lady.  That's what!  Instead, we continue to pray for Miss Witch.  Don't laugh, it's really how part of her name is pronounced and I didn't divulge all of for the sake of the innocent.  Kinda ironic though.  At this point, she's about thiiiiisss close to me really going off in there.  Every day it's something new and Miss K has been known for her demeanor, her shy and obedient way.  I'm really taken aback by how these people haven't tried to cater to her, treat her special, being that she's the new girl and all.  She has a ton of friends.  Good girls, I might add.  They're cute and funny like her.  We host them here often.  It's sad, truly sad.
Now.  I feel like I'm harboring a secret here.  Really.  It's become a skeleton in my closet.  I'm afraid to mention it to our friends.  OK.  You twisted my arm.  We've looked online at real estate in a neighboring town.  ThereI said it.  They're rated one of the top 50 schools in IL.  They have soccer.  EEEEK!  And we hear it's a good town.  A little larger.  But good.  I'm interested.  It's 25 or 30 minutes from here.  Doable for sure.  We could still go to church, do the coffee shop/bakery, etc., etc.  I feel like I've cheated on my friends.  What is wrong with me?
Lastly, we've all had rough weeks here.  I stated last night, I wasn't afraid to go home.  We don't have to stay here.  Problem is, I don't know what's at home for us.  For me.  I've gotten a taste of life outside and it's good.  Very good.  Do I wish it were closer to my friends and family?  Yes.  Do I miss the heebie jeebies out of them.  Heck yeah!  I never liked contemporary church.  Now that we're part of one, I couldn't imagine anything else.  I love Steve's preaching.  He's so full of the spirit, passionate for Christ, on fire for the Lord.  He's spontaneous.  There's no neutering born-again Christians, you take their fire and run with it.  His messages punch you in the stomach and bring you to your knees. They make you wanna work for the glory of God.  Yesterday.  Put love in action.  Yesterday.
This place and I.  We have a love-hate relationship and most days, I can't figure out which it is.  Love?  Hate?  Hmm.