Saturday, April 23, 2011

the messenger bag

K was going on a field trip this past Thursday and was allowed to bring entertainment but, no backpack.  Instead, they were to bring only a small bag.  That turned this week's project into a kids'-sized messenger bag.  Which then led to a birthday present for one of her friends.

I started with measurements from here but wasn't happy with its lack of a flap and the straps.  Each to their own.  These little details mattered to me though.  So, veering off on a path of my own, I ended up here...

See those cute little matching brownish buttons to secure the strap, don't you like that?  I do.

And there's that flap I was looking for, where I attached Velcro as the closure.

It was just right for holding a book, DS, extra game case, and an mp3 player.  

K actually used the black/white/turquoise one on her trip and I constructed the one above Friday but, I really, really liked this one.  So, it became the model for these photos.