Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturdays mean Soccer

This morning's game was a breeze. 

The girls were fantastic.

As they usually are.

The other team had no chance of keeping up with them.

And part of me felt a little pang for them. 

It always sucks to be stomped.

Can I just stop you right here? 

Take a look at the widespread arms and that foot cocked back 
like a trigger waiting to be pulled as it explodes onto the ball.

I. eat. that. up. 
Time only stops in pictures.
Motion freezes.
Muscles show prominence.
Victory is eminent, no matter what the real-life outcome is.

Another one.

L has a theory that the "sassy pony tail" empowers her.

No matter.  She was hot today.

Her mama has lots to be proud of.

It took mine a while before she got that fire in her belly to stomp the opposing team.
Although, some days, it feels like she left home without it.
But let's face it, we all have those days from time to time.

We were frustrated with her and soccer for seasons upon seasons,
 and then one day, it happened.

Mama don't give up on that girl, she's got it in her.

Fill her sails with air and send her out there.
Leave the rest to God, it'll happen.  In His time.  If it's His will. 
Just be patient.  That's easier said than done, I know.

They were all on today.

And we all wallowed in the glory together.

This one's mine.

A defender, she is.
And I love every minute of watching her duke it out.
She came from the back to almost score.
It just wasn't in the cards today.
Maybe another.
No matter, she's all about defense.
And I'm down with that.