Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the day before

Despite other area schools being closed,
we are going!

We received a message from the school board office saying
all the schools have been walked with building inspectors and
everything is fine.


We've made sausage links for breakfasts.

Picked out the week's clothes.

Began the closing ceremonies with baths and Simple White Cake
(recipe courtesy of The Idea Room)
with bought chocolate icing.
~ I didn't have any Cool Whip ~
And a double shot of milk.

Watched just a bit more TV and read a book.

Finally, decided on a meal for breakfast.

Now, they are soundly in bed.

Hopefully not worrying anymore about the earthquake
and the aftershock that was felt as we knelt by the bed saying our prayers.

I've grabbed my charger and thrown in the battery.
Have to be ready ya know.
Morning will be here before you know it
and then, the time will fly by.