Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today, life is about perspective and more importantly, relying on God.

I'm feeling swallowed by all that needs to be done. Content that it will be there the next day. Unraveled because I have big plans for tomorrow and again, all the rest will have to wait another day.

Though my cup is half full.  I've canned tomatoes, picked up my camera, decided on dinner and we'll be in God's house tonight.

Some great friends sent an article today.  I'd been anticipating reading it.  Richard D. Emmons writes, "Navigating trials requires patient endurance.  It requires trusting God day by day and waiting on Him to make things come around."

I am trying to be patient today, I am.  But truly, I'm feeling a little impatient.   A little like giving in and giving up for the day.  Reading under the tree and forgetting all that calls.  Today, I'm struggling and I just want a break.  I am praying for strength and endurance, guidance and direction, wisdom and His will.  He will not forsake me.  He will not leave me.  My cup is half full.