Thursday, September 29, 2011

pirate eye patch in seconds

In preparation of the party this weekend, I had "stuff" to make.  Eye patches being one of them 'cuz you'd be a scallywag of a pirate without one.  So, I had an example to go by, but you know me, I veered off on my own path for simplicity...

My supplies included...
  • scissors
  • black felt
  • elastic "thread"
  • cardboard stencil (shaped like a triangle with rounded corners)
  • and of course, white thread

I got straight to work using my stencil with the black felt, just cutting around it...

I measured and cut 12 inches of elastic "thread" and tied a knot at each end.

Then, starting on the lower corner of the patch, I sewed a long stitch around to the upper corner...

This is when I laid my elastic thread down and sewed back and forth, back and forth over it a few times to insure it would stay put and continued on to the next corner where I attached the other end of the elastic thread, finally, sewing all the way around.

See how the thread has been secured?  And I've sewed all the way around?

Clean it up by snipping off any long threads and voila!  You have an eye patch or 16!

My apologies, my pirate wasn't present for modeling.