Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Max, Dan and the Man

Don't have much to blog about.  Honestly, I have been too busy cooking and running from here to there and not photographing a single bit of it.  So, I have plenty of things to tell about, just no pictures.  Me, I am a fan of blogs with photos.  That being said, I'm pulling out a couple of photos I took a week or so ago and mixing in some old ones.

Meet Max...My son claims that Max is always sad.  I've tried explaining to him, that God created his big sweet face that way and he's not sad, he's just an American Bulldog.  Truth be told, he really does look sad, but he acts like a Boxer when he's happy.  He runs around with a toy, twisting his big, muscular body from side to side and you can tell he's in heaven!  And don't dare talk to him like a baby because he'll hop in your lap in a split second, leaving your face covered in slime.  He is the biggest, sweetest, ball of wrinkly baby fur you've ever seen (OK, so he's four years old - he's still my baby.)  He is loyal, protective, silly, fun, obedient and handsome.  I wouldn't trade him for the world!

He is fast friends with a little brown rat terrier who goes by the name of -
well, depends on who you ask... 
I call him "Danny-O",
my husband and daughter call him "Dan",
my son calls him "Daniel". 
Take your pick. 

They are partners in crime, but the little one's the trouble maker. 
He's almost a year old and into everything. 
I remember those days with Max, but they're like the pain of childbirth, easily forgotten.

Max grew up with my son, they were babies at the same time. 
The man was born in September, Max in August. 
Everyone said we were absolutely nuts for getting a puppy
when the man was only 2 months old. 
It turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made! 

Max was great with the man!  Check them out growing up together...

Max never flenched, maybe the other one will grow up to be a doctor?

Or a dentist?

I have tons of photos like these, but we would both be here all day. 
Happy Thanksgiving!