Friday, November 26, 2010

to be thankful

When asked the question, this Thanksgiving, "What are you thankful for?" 
My mind went family, I said. 
It's true, I am so thankful for them, each and every crazy one 'em!
My mind always draws a blank when I'm put on the spot. 
Just not good when it comes to the quick-draw. 

July 2008

I thought for a minute...I was thankful for the day I spent with my brother last weekend.
It was more time than we'd spent together in a while.  He's always busy with work and it's now hunting season, so he's spending every last waking moment in the serenity of the deep woods.  (And I'm always busy running the roads, playing taxi to the monkeys.)
K and the man adore him and he is my only sibling.
I was thankful.

March 2005

  When I ran to get the man a pair of socks, I found he had none. 
So, I ran to the dryer.  Right smack in front of it, was a basket of clean white clothes,
one baby boy sock on top, a match lying on the floor beside it.  I didn't have to dig!
I was thankful.

October 2006

Wednesday night, I volunteered to make dinner for Chris and Andy after her surgery.
I was running behind and K helped me with the roast chickens and upside down apple pie.
Everything was perfect and done on time!
I was thankful.

August 2009

On Thanksgiving Eve, I took the kids to visit Grandma Myrtle and Grandaddy Woodie.
We talked and laughed about coon huntin'. 
Then, Grandaddy pulled out his pictures from the war.
He showed us his pet monkey and what it was like in Okinawa.
For this time together and all the great stories,
I was thankful.

September 2010 (Check out K's face!)

We came home to C processing a deer to put in the freezer.
He hadn't eaten, he was grumpy.  It was late, he was tired.
I ignored his mood, the kids and I goofed off while we worked. 
We got it done and all was well.
I was thankful.

August 2009

This morning, C began cleaning the kitchen,
while I yacked on the phone with my mom.  
I was thankful. 

November 2005

Tonight, as K and the man ran from room to room
playing a little game they made up, giggling all the while,
I was thankful

October 2007

I am thankful for my faith, my church, my God.

"The LORD is good.  His love is forever, and his loyalty goes on and on." 
Psalm 100:5

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not,
but rejoices for those which he has.”  ~Epictetus