Monday, November 15, 2010

A busy little bee

Last Thursday, we celebrated Mom's birthday with dinner...

Green beans.

Stewed tomatoes.

Corn Pudding.

Yeast rolls (my favorite!)

Mashed potatoes, steak and shrimp.
(Things got a little more fast-paced at this point and I didn't get anymore pictures.)

The weekend was just as eventful -

Friday night was spent entertaining the munchkins. 
Saturday was all-star soccer, hunting for the men, Uno and a bottle of wine for the girls.
Sunday was church, church and more church.
(On most Sundays, I can sneak in a nap, but it just didn't happen.)
I did get to spend some quality time hanging out with K in the chicken house. 
~ Funny, I know. ~

Today, I am dreading the Monday clean-up.
The worst day of the week.
When you must pick up from the weekend.

This week promises to be hectic as well and on goes the life of this busy SAHM.