Saturday, November 20, 2010

A walk to remember

I woke up this morning, expecting the day to be a very lazy and uneventful one.
K had some place to be, so I dropped her off.
C had errands to run.
I decided that the man and I would take a walk around my great aunt's farm.
It had been a while and we could use some fresh air with the beautiful 60+ degree weather.

Aunt Sis was a proper southern lady.
Very influential to me.
She inspired and encouraged my culinary abilities.
(Along with other brilliant women in our family.)
A God-fearing woman,
involved heavily in the church and the fire department ladies' auxillary,
among other things.
She was a petite woman, spirited, polite, and beautiful.
An educated family historian.
There were many who looked up to her.
She was an icon.
I hope to, one day, be as level-headed, humble, kind and gracious as she was.
I do miss her so.

First, we climbed the enormous hill to the water tower.  
We looked down upon her house nestled in the trees. 
How small all the buildings looked from up there. 

We walked upstream

and up to the rocks

beside the big white barn.

Then, K and Nana showed up.  

Next stop, the pond.

Up the hill, lives Uncle Jamie, in the house where we started out.

We played with the coon dogs,

while Nana played with Izzy.

We played around the house,

on the fences,

and in the yard.

Then, we did it all again.
Now the cows were getting suspicious with all this commotion.

This time we detoured.  Headed to the furniture shop, to peer at the river.

Luckily, it was just after noon.  So, they were...

No traffic to dodge. 

We were beginning to feel the pang of empty bellies,
like the bare branches of the autumn trees.

So, we headed home, in the warmth of the sweet, sweet sun

and had barbecue on homemade rolls and tater salad, courtesy of Yoder's.