Monday, November 29, 2010

Last chance!

So, my mom and I were feeling pretty crummy the other week when we realized we had missed the deadline for the $35 discount for the 2011 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.
(It's held in most major cities.)

Tonight, I was checking my email and voila!
There was a message about the deadline being extended until December 6th!

So, I am passing this on...
the regular registration fee is $90,
with the discount - only $55!
The code, you ask?

Now, why I'm involved...
My mother's had breast cancer.
Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer.
My grandmother's two sisters had breast cancer.
My grandmother's mother had breast cancer.
My dad's first cousin died at the age of 34 from breast cancer.
There are many similar stories in my family.
Do you see where I'm going with this?  I think you get the point.

My mom was diagnosed just before Christmas of 2008,
I was fed up!  I'd had enough!  I would lay down no more!
I decided in February 2009, that I was serious about doing the 3-Day.
My best friend, of 20 years and I signed up together as a team,
Cheryl's Girls,
paying tribute to my mom.

A friend of mine, had walked the 3-Day the year before and I had heard her story.
It wasn't good.
I didn't care.  
I was bound and determined to make my stand against breast cancer!

What were the requirements?
Well, first, you had to raise $2,300 in donations in order to
participate in the actual walk.
This was just a tad bit intimidating.
I didn't care, I was gonna' do it.
I raised $6,711.26!
My eyes bulge when I look at this number?
(You see, I live in a teeny, tiny town where it's the norm to make corn pudding and apple pie all the time, people don't just go out and raise thousands of dollars and then, agree to walk 60 miles!  What kinda fools what ever think that up?!  Hmm, I did!)

It was hard work, but I do believe my mom made it all happen due to the person she is.
As a physical therapy aide, she shares her playful spirit and warm heart with
her patients and co-workers daily.  They absolutely love her!
know she made it easy for me.

All in all, my best friend and I raised just under $10,000 together.
I was so proud of us.  Thinking about it, makes me giddy with excitement all over again!

Lastly, we couldn't just talk the talk...we had to walk the walk!
(OK, with a lot of training in between.)
Yep, I said it.
Twenty miles a day for three days.
All while camping and using porta-johns!
And yes sirree, we did it!

In 2010, we crewed it (volunteered/staffed).
I plan on crewing again in 2011 and then walking in 2012.
That's the plan at least.

The pictures you see below are from 2009.
If you haven't already,
I encourage you to read my other posts about the 3-Day...

If you read or read my other posts, you will or have seen this year's photos.
We participate in Washington, D.C.  Hope you will join us!

6:00am - Day 1

Day 1 - The Capital

Day 1 - Proud to be holding the "I'm honoring MY MOTHER" flag!

Day 2 - motorcycle patrol, love the kilt!

Day 2 -Entrance to Camp

Day 3 - (freezing cold) and yes, we love the safety patrol!

Day 3 - Sixty miles down!

Cheryl's Girls - Me, Mom, T.