Thursday, March 8, 2012

head over heels

May I introduce you to my newest, most favoritest piece of jewelry in the world?

I fancied the way she looked, so simple and dainty, in the picture.  Little did I know when she arrived, I would fall head over heels for her.  I held her in my hands and it wasn't her charm.  No sirree, it was what she said.  She softly whispered "dream" but, it spoke volumes to my heart.  This adventure, excitement, apprehension, it's all because of a dream.  One man's dream to be more, to step out - and I commend you.

The countdown says 16(ish) days left.  Our emotions are off the chart right now.  Some days, I'm happy-go-lucky, some days I'm wound up tighter than a rubber band on a 6-foot tall rubber band ball.  I even think Mr. A picked up on it this morning when I playfully/sarcastically, yet somewhat seriously snapped at him saying "And do you want me to warm your coffee?  Make you another cake?"  when he asked me to go get something.  I never claimed to be perfect, but that might possibly be a good way to lose my job.

Poor Miss K, she's crazier than she ever was.  Whew, she's all happy-happy-joy-joy and then, BAM! like Emeril Lagasse, she's thrown spice in your eye and you never saw it comin'.  I wonder, how long this will go on?  Because we've done this before, will it be easy to adapt or will we continue to grapple week after week after miserable week?  I surely hope not.  

I'm gonna do my darnedest to keep our reduced family content.  I'll offer my empty bed to little monkeys who miss daddy any day.  We'll share picnic lunches amongst the ants and spend our days cuddling long, floppy-eared Walkers and red-feathered ladies.  She and I will lay beneath our favorite tree and read until we become drowsy, all the while he'll excavate the sand box and have Monster Jam rallies.  And we'll pray, pray and pray some more.  I'm stopping there.  That's enough of the blues.  And moving on.

Miss K is absolutely dying to send out invitations for our party which is still almost 7 weeks away. ~sigh~ And I may or may not have prepared a long, long wish list of jewels which are conveniently organized on a spreadsheet cuz I just might be a total nerd like that. Oh well, quirks are quirks and I've learned to embrace mine.   It's OK, I have awesome, awesome friends (in which I won't name any names but, you know who you are) who share some of these same obsessive compulsive issues. (i.e. storing your shoes in the box, among other things; wanting your house to be spotless, including clean sheets and carpets before leaving for vacation, regardless of the fact that your pet-sitter will not be staying at your house - it'll just be the animals and do Max and Kolby really care if you dusted?)   Glad I got that off my chest, thankyouverymuch.

I've been asking all week, "Is it Friday yet?"  Although, Tuesday nights could replay all week, as long as there was ladies' Bible study and a gargantuan bowl of Mrs. G's chicken salad.  If you haven't been, you really should come.  We have an amazing time together, learn lots about God's word and gorge ourselves on the most superlative food you've ever put in your mouth.  (Call me, we'll talk.)  Anyway, here's to the weekend and no work!