Thursday, October 25, 2012

a little red scarf

I scored big yesterday when I found a lovely piece of Christmas-red flannel - almost 3.5 yards to be exact - for $1.99! at the South Side Mission Mart (equivalent to the Goodwill.)  It was perfect and fuzzy and warm.

Today, my mission was to wash clothes, take out the trash, clean the bathroom and empty the dishwasher.  Early this morning, I showered, got the kids off to school, had a relaxing breakfast, sorted clothes and was completely prepared to hit the laundromat.  (Did you know it was spelled that way...laundr-o-mat?  Hmmm.)  Well, let's just say I emptied the dishwasher and fed it some more; cleaned out the fridge and put on appropriate clothing for roaming around town.  I got to the staircase and stopped dead in my tracks.  I wasn't feelin it and decided I had other plans for today.  Really, I didn't know what I was gonna be doing, but it definitely wasn't the long mental list I'd made myself.

This flannel was givin' me a hard time.  It whispered my name and so I returned my town appropriate clothes to their home and put on my hangin-at-home-clothes.  (Miss V'd know what I was talkin about.)  I had plans for this flannel but, with 51 degrees being our high for tomorrow and a brand new black fleece jacket (for $4!), I was thinkin SCARF!  (OK, maybe all that wasn't necessary for just 50 degrees but it felt right at the time.) 

I pulled out the flannel, grabbed all kinds of lace and tried them on for size.  None of them really worked for me (and that's not even all of 'em) and so I grabbed the computer and searched for a satisfying scarf tutorial. I found one, with flannel specifically in mind.

And after lunch, it was finished...

I know I'm gonna have to fight Miss K for it.  Seems my closet is her go-to place, my scarves, jewelry.  It's good that we can't wear the same size clothes.  Yet.