Wednesday, October 31, 2012

we skipped...

Halloween this year.  We didn't dress up, we didn't trick or treat.  I didn't miss it one bit.  It's been a decision in the making for a couple years now.  I know, you're rolling your eyes, calling us freaks under your breath.  It's OK, we expected that.
Instead, we roasted weenies, smores and sipped hot apple cider.  We sat around the fire on hay bales warming our fingers and toes.  And after a while, we women made our way back to the house with the chillins.  We stood around the kitchen talking and eating chocolate cobbler.  Miss E and me, we talked about sewing and homemade cleaners and diy laundry detergent long after the crowd was gone.  She so reminds of my friend Martha.  They would be great friends.
Miss E is soft spoken, tall, has good taste.  She makes her own baby food, puts it in little plastic condiment cups and they're all neatly stacked and labeled in her freezer, makes her own cleaning supplies and uses cloth diapers.  They are so alike.  So alike.  They need to meet one day.  For certain.  It's funny how people here resemble people there.  Not in their appearance, but in their likenesses.  It's comforting.

Tonight was another fantastic night spent with friends.  I've had a shower to clear my hair of camp fire smell and tomorrow, I'm off to visit some schools.  I was up way too late last night and ran and ran and ran today.  So, I'm turning in early.  Hope your night was as pleasant as ours!