Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Mother Teresa and I ventured out of town and eventually, found ourselves at Cracker Barrel.  Her plate, inhabited by fried catfish, was appealing but, I'm a fan of meatloaf so I went with the special.  Conversation cascaded in between bites of meatloaf and buttery biscuits.  Afterwards, we wandered aimlessly around the store before we hit the town. 

There wasn't much in that little town but, the conversation and entertainment had in the Goodwill was timeless and sidesplitting.  Amongst short (and long) stints in the car and over coffee and walks, we've had plenty of time to touch on all subjects known to man.  Okay, maybe not so much, but there are subjects that need be left alone.  I am sad to see her leave tomorrow.  I've enjoyed her company immensely.

I read in a book tonight, "A friend buoys your spirits when you are facing tasks that seem too big for the moment.  She tells you the truth when you need to hear it.  And most of all, she listens and understands."  I think of her, of Martha, my mom, my spiritual mom, of all my friends "back home" (there're too many to list) and my new friends here.  This passage is so true and I know that God has put all of these incredible people in my life and I in there's for a special reason.  There are times when I can't quite grasp the vast love of my God.  Then, there are times when I can.  Tonight is one of them.