Saturday, October 20, 2012

sweet morsels of gratitude

Today's been a rough one despite seeing the sun shine for one of the first times in almost a week.  So, instead of dwell on the seedy, I'd love to tell you what I'm grateful for, how my God has gifted me so much when I am so unworthy.  This, too, shall be a great day.

Today, I am thankful for...
- Christian Music.  While putting together a puzzle, Miss K gets her iPad, turns on some tunes and it's Christian music.  {Might I interject y'all?  At one point in her life, she said to me, "You always make us listen to this."  Not true friends.  I listened to it often because it kept me (and continues to keep me) closer to God and what he wants me to be daily but, I didn't make them and it wasn't what we always listened to.  Thankyouverymuch.}  This leads me to my second stop...

- This Little Town.  Tonight I'm thankful for this little town who thinks it's awesome to love God.  At home (in VA) God was always there but for Miss K's age group, he was someone found in the background.  Here, he rocks this joint!  Youth group meets every week and takes fantastic excursions out and about.  Going to speaking events, service projects, etc.  God is here and he's on the forefront.
- Movie Night.  Since moving here, family movie night has become a staple.  When we're not out and about on the weekends, we rock Netflix and popcorn in the parents' bed like its no body's business!
- Parks.  We have three here, all within walking distance.  It is breathtaking to walk or ride our bikes to the park.  A luxury we've never had.

- Love.  I hear "I love you" more now than ever.  Whenever we get off the phone with someone, we hear it.  People that've rarely said it in the past now declare it open and freely.  It rolls off their tongue like butter.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love butter?

- Dinner parties with friends.  We spend more time with friends now than ever.  In part because there is no family (let me repeat myself...NO FAMILY) here.  So, when we're with friends, it's like family.  Who says you can't choose your family?  I believe God plants people in your path who you come to love just as much or even more as your own blood kin.  And it never fails that you always call each other for some epicurean fellowship at just the right moments.

- Blogs.  I read a lot over here.  There's wisdom in her words, raw honesty, and I almost always find God there.  (She's one of my pretend bff's. snicker)  Tonight, I read some posts she'd shared that "hit me right in the gut" (her words).  You should check them out here and here.  And just for the record, we have an old-style pump at the local gas station and I go inside to pay but, that post was a little wake up call (and guilty!  I do text my neighbors.)