Thursday, February 16, 2012

busted heart

I'm gonna level with you, this week has been rough.  The feelings of doubt, confusion, and discouragement weighed heavily on me.  It's been too much to decipher and too difficult to type into words.  All I know is that my heart is broken.  Life could be different, so much worse, but right now, this is my bag of troubles.  I've struggled to hand it over to God.  I'm not gonna pretend I'm not screaming out inside, "God, what is your plan?!  Email me the details.  Call me.  Gimme a clue here!  Please."  I know every thing's in His time, but there are days when I'm not so patient, when my faith is weak.  I have unquestionably LOVED this song ever since it came out.  As soon as it was available, I made it #1 on my playlist and unquestionably, it's helping hold me up right now...

(I've turned my playlist off,
but to hear more great music
~like "Hope Now" by Addison Road~
scroll to the bottom and click play.)