Sunday, February 12, 2012

a little weekend blurb + meal planning

It was an ordinary weekend here.  Minus the 5-minute blizzard, the 17-degree cold, and a chicken-house remodel.  We made it a point to stay home, all of us.  We ended up having some guests for lunch on Saturday.  Then spent the rest of the day cleaning and relaxing.  Yes, it was a good weekend.

Maybe this week will hold answers to the lingering questions that rally 'round our hearts.  I'm completely at peace and I'm patient.  I won't be dwelling on it.  I'll continue to pray and wait for answers, but it will not consume me. 

Never mind that though.  It's Mexican Week at our house - YIPPAY!!  I'm ecstatic to be making some new dishes and some old stand-bys.  Lately, I've been asked how I've been coping with getting dinner ready by 5:30 every. single. night. and feeding 3 more, for a total of 7.  First off, a meal calendar is essential.  I create one for the month and it works extremely well.  Do I ever veer off of it?  Yes, on nights when I'm extremely tired or things are off track, I have easy backups.  The calendar also helps in grocery shopping - I know exactly what I'm getting and I don't go overboard at the store.  Secondly, my work schedule allows for me to get home at a reasonable time and on those nights I use crock pot recipes or quick and easy meals.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, dinner is a little more extensive.  All in all, I haven't  had to add much more in quantity as I can't seem to cook small meals anyway.

While I haven't decided on desserts yet for this week, here's what the meal plan looks like...

Monday - Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup -
                                  changes = chicken broth, no beer;
                                                      1 can diced tomatoes,
                                                      1/2 can diced tomatoes w/green chiles
                                                     fresh cilantro
                                                     1/2 tsp. cumin
                                                     1 garlic clove, pressed
                     Velveeta-Sausage Dip -
                                   additions = 1 can black beans + 1 can corn

Tuesday - Arroz Con Pollo 
- OOOPS!  It's Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day, we're going out!

Wednesday Crock Pot Fajitas (deer), Mexican rice, refried beans smothered in Monterey Jack

Thursday - Chicken Enchiladas

Friday - Tacos

My passion is food.  It always has been and while there are many things I love, "To eat and drink and find satisfaction in all your toil - this is the gift of God." ~ Ecclesiastes 5:18