Sunday, February 26, 2012

beyond the tears


The cat's outta the bag.  Tonight as we cozied up amongst the AWANA crew to talk about announcements and pray, he spilled the beans.  He said it out loud.  I admit to being a little shocked as I haven't told some most of my family yet and this public proclamation was a tad bit surprising.  Nonetheless, it was out there.  And I don't think they saw it coming either.  I sat, staring down at my binder, trying hard to make out the words, but my brain felt disconnected.

Mr. D began to pray and as he spoke our name, my eyes welled up with tears.  Sniffles could be heard all around our group and it was the first time I'd felt sad about this venture.  He finished praying and I glanced up, immediately seeing Mrs. D's expression.  The tears spilt down my face and she caught me with a long embrace.  I couldn't help it, knowing how much I'd miss my church family made me numb.  It was the second church I'd ever really and truly felt a part of, part of something greater.  It's the place where I found my faith after it had been broken.  These people, they assisted in the reconstruction and transformation of it.  They sent love through cards, emails, phone calls, hugs, you name it.  All in the hopes of building us up, showing us the love of God.  And it worked.  They've helped us become who we are today. 

In our yard, they've sat, sharing hot dogs and homemade ice cream.  Their kids have torn through this house, romping with our children.  The sound of laughter and sweetness enriching these four walls.  And they've come to the trenches.  We were still in bed, when early one morning after returning home from a long trip and hearing our tragic news, our Pastor knocked on the door.  We were still in our jamas when we sat down to talk it over.  The lengthy conversation ended as he prayed with us, all along reassuring us that God had a plan.  We have come to sincerely adore these people who have loved us immensely, expecting nothing in return.  More than words can express, I will miss some of them the most. 

We still have an undetermined amount of time before we all leave but, they promise to come stay with us.  To break bread and set a spell.  And I will hold them to it.  We promise to visit whenever we come back, to haunt the Myers' farm because it's a kid haven and to send cards and sweet little handmade gifts.  I hope they will hold a special place in their hearts for us as we will them.  Even so, I will be forever grateful for the love they've shown us.  May they eternally be the light of the Lord and may God's abundant blessings rain down upon them.